Interdisciplinary Programs

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  • This program is an intensive basic course to start the orientation in Russia for non-speakers. It is designed to give  student not only language material which will expand passive and active vocabulary, but also basic theoretical and practical knowledge of Russian grammar and Russian word formation.  The course includes contact hours with Russian native speakers, independent … Continue reading Russian Language and Culture

    • Duration: 2 weeks, 3 Weeks
    110 088 руб.
    (1800 $)
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  • This Summer School is a project-based exploration of Russian language, mentality, history and landscape. Language classes are aimed to provide students with the necessary vocabulary, grammar and communicative formulas which  will be mastered practically during city tours and longer journeys outside Perm. Lectures on Russian history and culture will prepare students for understanding people, places and artefacts. … Continue reading Russian Language, History and Culture

    • Duration: 2 weeks
    79 508 руб.
    (1300 $)
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