Moscow is the capital of Russia, and the largest city on the European continent. The city is among world’s largest cities, being the 14th largest metro area, the 18th largest agglomeration, the 15th largest urban area, and the 11th largest by population within city limits worldwide.

It is home to the Ostankino Tower, the tallest free standing structure in Europe; the Federation Tower, the tallest skyscraper in Europe; and the Moscow International Business Center. The city is well known for its architecture, particularly its historic buildings such as Saint Basil’s Cathedral with its brightly coloured domes. With over 40 percent of its territory covered by greenery, it is one of the greenest capitals and major cities in Europe and the world, having the largest forest in an urban area within its borders—more than any other major city.

Why choose Moscow as a study and travel destination?

  • A truly “metropolis” experience
  • Insight into the bright cultural life of the Russian capital
  • Access to a dozens of architectural and historical landmarks
  • Diverse international environment
Source: Wikipedia